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Brian Sanchez Jimenez

Brian Sanchez Jimenez

I was born in Santiago, Cuba on August 21, 1986. When I was younger, I had an illness called Perthes’ disease that affected my femur and prevented me from walking for five years. Because of this disability, I spent time looking at my father’s books on the universe, zoology and botany. Even though I didn’t know how to read, every day, I would try to draw the figures in each illustration. And that’s how it all began.

I still have the notebooks with those drawings, from when I was 6-7 years old. One day, thank God, my disease went away. But art was still in me. And since that day, I have only wanted to be an artist. I write this little story because I believe it is the foundation for understanding my works and for understanding me as an artist. Later, I studied at Santiago de Cuba, the provincial school of art from which I eventually graduated. Since then, I have participated in more than twenty expositions, as well as eight art shows where I have won several awards. Now, I live in Habana and am trying to find new opportunities to share my art with the rest of the world.

At their root, my paintings reflect a childhood during which I could not play like other kids, but instead was entertained by observing a small flower, a small insect, a piece of lace embroidered by my mother, etc. I think all of this is present in my work. Someone once said, “the great things in life are hidden in the small details.”

Work by Brian Sanchez Jimenez


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