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Elizabeth Pollie

Elizabeth Pollie

“A successful representational painting transcends technique and gimmickry, eliciting from the viewer a sense of connection with the truer nature of the subject.  In the best of these works we are taken, almost unwittingly, into the heart of the painting. Here we feel, down to the bone, the more intrinsic qualities of a scene_ be they lovely or disturbing, either way we are mesmerized.  If we are very lucky our own hearts are broken open”

Elizabeth Pollie’s personal art history extends back decades. Art as a path, language and personal frontier has been present from the time of her childhood. She grew up visiting museums, studying and drawing along side her father.  She earned her BFA from The College For Creative Studies where she later taught. Her interests led her the field of editorial illustration. The 1980’s were a rich with greatly imaginative artists who honed both their conceptual and representational skills in the world of illustration.  Ms. Pollie’s work was nationally published and awarded.

As illustration began to fade from magazines and book jackets her focus upon representational painting became central. “The intrigue and intimacy found in observing the surrounding world provides me with ceaseless inspiration. There is a great sense of freedom as well as a spirit of discovery that is derived through the act of painting.” mentions Pollie.

Her emphasis is based on finding and teasing out a sense of poetry, mood and depth.  From capturing the authentic nature of animals to broad expanses of water and land, Pollie’s work has a quality of sincerity woven into it. Mystery, solitude and intimacy comingle to create a palpable experience. 

Pollie’s work  has received  a very strong reception in the art world, collecting numerous awards as well as media coverage.

Work by Elizabeth Pollie

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