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Leda Rawlins

Leda Rawlins

I’ve taken the road less traveled on my way to becoming a jewelry designer and creator. After failing miserably in grade school art class, I told myself “I’m not creative” and believed it. Fast forward 20 years, and I found myself creating . . . as an entrepreneur. From sculpting bodies as a personal fitness trainer to designing wardrobes as a fashion consultant, I was creating and didn’t realize it. It just wasn’t in the “traditional” sense of the word. I dabbled in making jewelry from time to time, but never thought of doing it as a business until the summer of 2008. I discovered brass along with a linking style that I had never tried before which felt really fresh and unique. I immediately started receiving enthusiastic compliments and rave reviews about my jewelry. In fact, while I was wearing the first necklace I had created a woman bought it right off of my neck. Another woman asked if she could place a custom order when she saw a different necklace I was wearing. It was then that I understood . . . this was my new path to journey on. Gratefully, I began.

All of my jewelry is handcrafted in the heartland. It is my hope that you thoroughly enjoy it each and every time you put it on.

Work by Leda Rawlins

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