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Richard Krogstad

Richard Krogstad

My oil paintings depict the skies, fields, rivers, lakes and woods of the rural Midwest landscape. One of the pleasures of this work is exploring the countryside in search of places that grab my interest. I can’t exactly say what I’m looking for but, when I see it, there is just a rightness to it. It could be the way a barn is situated in a pasture or how a cloudy sky floats above a great expanse of land or how a group of trees is reflected in a lake, late in the day. These are rather ordinary things, really, but at the same time there is something extraordinary about them.

Painting is my way of connecting with and honoring the land. I sense there is a spiritual significance to nature’s forms, a spiritual landscape within a physical one. A scene need not be spectacular to convey this – there are no Grand Canyons or mountain ranges in Minnesota. Nonetheless, there are special places, often overlooked, that have a quiet, tranquil quality about them. Such places are small parts of the web of life that links together all beings and all places. I see my highest goal as connecting with this quiet wonder and sharing it by making the best paintings I can.

Work by Richard Krogstad

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