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Yellowstone Song

by James G. Moore

Just finished my new piece “Yellowstone Song”. It was a lot of fun to put together as I always enjoy the process of learning about new materials, finding sources, and learning from the craftsmen who are experts in each material. The stone for the base was quarried just north of Ft. Collins Colorado by a company called the Rock Garden. These folks are doing some very creative and giant landscape installations. They have an awesome showcase yard on the north end of College Ave. I also pushed my sculpting abilities by choosing to do a pair of wolves. I leaned on the expertise of my friend and fellow sculptor Dan Glanz . He is well known for his canine sculptures and helped me with some basic anatomy.


The inspiration for this piece came from many places. The first being my trips to Yellowstone National Park. I wanted to make a piece that speaks to the beauty and constantly variable aspects of the geology while also including a motion filled sculpture of wolves. The Yellowstone wolves have had a profound and positive impact on the health of the eco system in the park. While I have not had the privilege of seeing wolves in the wild I did have an opportunity to get up close and personal with some at a sanctuary in Westcliffe Colorado. It is a really neat place that also takes in a few geriatric horses that are allowed to live out their natural lives and then are turned into excellent all natural, unprocessed food for the wolves. The highlight of the visit is watching the wolves feed. It really gives a visual for the term “wolfing your food down”. The size of chunks of meat, bone and hide they can swallow at once is amazing. The wolves also performed a great song of howling just before feeding. There are not too many sounds in the world that give that level of goosebumps! I also wanted to depict the Alpha Male and Female running together. I have spent many hours contemplating the ideas of partnership, companionship, and cooperation recently. Those themes inevitably come out in my work.

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