Exhibit II

John A. Sayers and Nocturnal Show   Our nocturnal show was inspired by a wonderful night spent celebrating dear friends of the gallery at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, WI.  After a fantastic dinner we went outside and danced under the stars and thought what a fun idea for a show.  Thank […]

Exhibit I

“An Artist’s Food for Joy”   We are excited to open our 50th Anniversary season with a group show that will include artwork featured in our new benefit cookbook available in May 2019!  This will be our third and final benefit cookbook.  We are excited to add to the over $200,000 raised from our first […]

George Shipperley

Several years ago I came upon a statement by a famous artist that reminded me so much about myself.  “I foresee it and yet I hardly ever carry it out as I foresee it.  It transforms itself by the actual paint.  I don’t in fact know very often what the paint will do, and it does […]

Julie Briede Ibar

Sunlight, which illuminates, casts shadows, and sets a mood captures my attention. Movement and rituals of birds and animals fascinate me. Details and textures of habitats and settings add to my desire to record and depict a moment in time. In my paintings I try to capture that moment and essence, which will never be […]

Rodger Bechtold

The Midwest is close to my heart; after all, it’s the place where I’ve lived all my life. The heartland of this country possesses such uncomplicated and straightforward beauty. This simplicity of the these ever changing vistas resonates with me the way music does. Beginning a painting from the initial inspiration is one thing, but […]

Michele Dangelo

A critical component of my work is a basic icon – a house, boat, and dress – infused with vigorous but reserved energy. These complex and contemplative, yet simple and subtle images reflect my choice to concentrate on ordinary objects and invite me to instinctually create a multi-generational storehouse of memory. I try to give […]

Bill Reid

“Bill Reid is to sculpture what Dr. Seuss is to children’s books.” – Stacey Williams-Ng for Milwaukee Home & Fine Living Magazine Recognized around the world as one of the leading fabulists in a fabulousy world, Bill (Bee) Reid has been making painted steel extravagonzo sculptures for over thirty years. “I am a pungent in the Anvillage […]

Julie Shaw

Julie Shaw has been designing and crafting exquisite jewelry for over thirty years. Using sterling silver accented with 14k, 18k and 22k gold, her creations are then magically transformed by a patina that enhances unique agates, jaspers, opals and other precious stones. Inspiration for Julie’s original designs comes from many sources, including her spiritual connection […]

Roberta Sieber

I have always felt the need to create and experiment. For me, painting fills that need. I am constantly inspired by the beauty found in nature and the world around me, and I love to play with color and texture in my paintings. Inspiration can come from anywhere: a whispering shadow on the sidewalk, a […]

Susan Hale

I have always loved to draw and paint. Living in the Wisconsin countryside is a constant inspiration to me. It seems everywhere I look I see a painting – sunrises on Lake Michigan, golden hay bales scattered in a farm field, popcorn clouds dancing in a cerulean blue sky. Color and pattern are an important […]