William A. Suys, Jr.

Representational oil painter Bill Suys especially loves bringing life to ‘people and other animals’ and is known for his sensitive treatment of both. Suys’s ready appreciation for the nuanced personalities of individuals – both human and otherwise – has brought him inspiration as well as recognition, and his passion for lifelong learning keeps him devoted […]

Frederick D. Somers

About the Artist Frederick D. Somers, PSA, IAPS-MC, Eminent Pastellist “I seek to bring to others an experience of the beauty of light as it bathes creation and to point them to a pathway that reaches into eternity.” Fred visits the lush countryside, canoeing the rivers, walking through big woods, in every season and all […]

Olaf Schneider

Olaf Schneider (b. 1964) is a husband, father of two, and grandfather of six. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Sheridan College. In 1986, while painting large scale billboards for Mediacom (currently Outfront Media) he acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today.  He is greatly inspired by mentor Ron Greig and Norman Rockwell. […]

Ken Schneider

“When painting landscapes, I strive to accomplish a marriage of apparent contradictions: of abstract imagery within a realistic framework, of arbitrary shapes and the single-source light that imbues realistic depth, and of imposed, formalist structure on random, “messy” nature. The desired effect is for a state of flux to exist in a painting; flat plane […]

John A. Sayers

I love to paint and do so every day of the year. My paintings are derived from my everyday life – from the tulips I see in the spring, to the garden vegetables used in the late fall. As well, everyday objects I have collected throughout the years and use often appear in my work: […]

Georgene Pomplun

Painting is a consuming passion for me. Although by education and profession I am a graphic designer, painting affords me a chance to explore the world around me in a totally personal way. Landscape is my natural affinity, and I am fortunate to live in a beautiful rural area of Mount Horeb, surrounded by stunning […]

Sangita Phadke

“In meticulous detail, Sangita Phadke portrays larger than life fruit, vegetables, and flowers in the limelight, showcasing the reality and glory of nature. Her paintings are elegantly formal, theatrically lit and spectacularly realistic. With loving consideration and faithful precision, she describes every dimple on a glistening orange, the subtle nuances of color blushing across a […]

Dale Olsen

I got my start in the art world, at the age of 4, by using a red crayon on the black and white wallpaper in my home. My parents, while not exactly appreciative, fostered and encouraged the talent they sensed in me. I have switched to more appropriate surfaces for my work. I am intrigued […]

Tom Nachreiner

“As an ‘Oil Painters of America’  Signature Member, & an ‘American Impressionist Society’ Signature Member, I work both plein air, painting on location or from life in the studio, but I also enjoy experimenting with photos & sketches producing larger paintings. I am certainly influenced by all the Impressionists, and with the same ideology, paint […]

Richard A. Mueller

Since childhood, I have always loved to draw. From crayons to charcoal to pencil to pen and ink to colored pencil. My first colored pencil drawing was completed and sold in 1970, and I have been using the medium, nearly exclusively, ever since. My pencils are color-fast and I work on super smooth 100% rag […]