Jim Rose

Furniture and the history of design have inspired me to delve into an investigation of its specific components. Over the past twenty five years my investigations have led me on a journey of discovery that has included Shaker design, Asian design, issues in contemporary art and currently American quilt making, all of which have manifested themselves through […]

Barry Newstat

I make things.  ”I can’t not make things.” It’s a quote from one of my favorite authors and essayist (and unfortunately) the late David Rakoff. He was obviously speaking about himself.  But that is exactly how I feel. “I can’t not make things.” I never stop thinking about the project or projects in front of me, the next project, and even projects I’ve finished. I’ve always made things; I can’t remember a time […]

Nathan Hatch

“My work derives from memory, passage of time and the mystery that can hide in the everyday. Reverence mixed with speculation and imagination is what I draw from when creating my work. Each sculpture is purposely ambiguous in order to strengthen the viewer’s attraction to what is not easily definable. My work is simultaneously both […]

Richard Bronk

Wood is my material of choice. It can be so intrinsically beautiful that anything made from it becomes an object to admire or desire. Whenever I can get wood of surpassing beauty it makes my job easier and the product more valuable. Whatever the wood is you just do the best you can with what […]

Norm Wiedemeier

As a young man I had the opportunity to watch an artisan demonstrate advanced wood turning. As a beautiful bowl became fashioned from what amounted as little more than a piece of firewood, I became intrigued with the whole process. Born and raised in Northeast Wisconsin, the son of a log cabin builder, I was […]

David Morris

David Morris, a Walnut Creek, California, resident, decided in 1996 to begin expressing his passion for wood by creating objects turned on a wood lathe. His creations are admired for their unique design and fine finishing. He utilizes wood that he collects in Wisconsin, California, and Hawaii. Dave was raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and educated […]

Leslie Wu

When I’m not in the studio I am paddling on Puget Sound, or walking along it’s shores. I grew up kayaking and camping in the Adirondacks, along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Carolina Coasts. I’ve lived in Upstate, NY near the FingerLakes and in the Midwest near Lake Michigan. Now I live in the […]

Jonathan Wilde

The focus of my paintings has been the “driftless” country to the west of where I live. I’m strongly attracted to the wooded hills, especially from late fall till green-up. I’m particularly interested in the colors and contours of that landscape. Usually found in the big vistas on the hill tops or looking up and […]

Tal Walton

“Plato taught that all ideas came from a larger place. This concept of different spheres of existence, of past and present and future, plays a big part in my paintings. I might make one panel very clear and another cloudy, to convey this sensation of variant realities, no matter what my subject. I believe in […]

Tom Uttech

The Northwoods have been my source of inspiration for my entire artistic career. The vast stretch of pine, spruce, and birch trees, the countless lakes, and the inhabitants, both human and animal have fed my imagination and vision. During the past decade I have made more than twenty extended canoe trips into Quetico Provincial Park […]