Audrey Handler

Audrey Handler is known as one of the pioneers of the “Studio Glass Movement”. She started working in glass in 1965 as one of Harvey Littleton’s first female glass students. Audrey was a board member of the Glass Art Society, an international organization she helped create in 1971. Her studio, housed in a 19th century […]

Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade

Gartner and Blade Glass is the work of Stephen Gartner and Danielle Blade. Business partners since 1995, Danielle and Stephen combine their individual ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in hand blown and sculpted glass. Over the past decade, they have been developing a series of pieces that explore their mutual fascination with […]

Kathleen Eggert

The work of glass artist Kathleen Eggert is inspired by the costume, rituals, dance and stories of traditional cultures. A self-taught artist, she has developed her own techniques for firing enamels on glass for more than 20 years. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally and is included in the collection of the Corning Museum of glass.

Dale Eggert

The simplicity of the triangle, circle, square and line combine in infinite variation on the transparent glass plane to create a third dimension. I take this concept a step further by turning the horizontal plane into a three dimensional object in combination with other materials. By sandblasting, etching and painting on half-inch or thicker plate […]

Robert Dane

Robert Dane’s current production work is created in his studio in the northern Berkshires of western Massachusetts. The work is influenced by the Italian tradition of glassblowing, but has a distinctly American flavor. Vibrant colors and the spontaneous improvisation of these unique designs distinguish his work in a two thousand year tradition of glassblowing.

Ellie Burke

These pieces are a result of reflection on my childhood, my parents and my paternal grandfather, tunesmith Joe Burke. Granddad was a successful song writer on the 1930’s and ’40’s and my father was very proud of him. Before my father passed away in spring of ’98, I promised to create a tulip piece, commemorating […]

Matthew Buechner

I think I was destined to be a glassmaker. My father worked for Corning Glass and is also an excellent writer and painter. My mother is an artist too, and because of them I grew up with the idea that making objects and painting is very important. I have always liked hard physical activity and […]

Leon Applebaum

The process of blowing glass has been my teacher for the past 35 years.  I have developed glass blowing techniques for my work that captivate the fluid energy of hot glass, using fire, air centrifugal force, gravity, and tools to push and pull the glass. I enjoy exploring the visual dimensions of massive glass and […]

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