Hazel and Randy Olsen

Potters Studio was established in Fresno, California in 1970 by Hazel Olsen, a former teacher and young mother with three children. The studio’s original focus was on providing classes in clay work, supplies and equipment to local artists, potters and schools, and to provide studio space, networking, and a venue for display and sales for […]

Scott Harris

Scott Harris is an aluminum artist and sculptor working and showing primarily in the southeast. Born in Fargo, North Dakota, Scott re-located to the mountains of North Carolina in 1996. He completed his BA in Visual Arts from Brevard College with an emphasis in both painting and sculpture. It was there he first experimented with […]

Jane Wilcoxson

My work is a series of vignettes about life; a commentary on the quirky, bizarre, funny and muddled up human existence on this planet.  I’ve always been a watcher of life, and much of what I see is collected in sketchbooks in the form of gesture drawings.  These drawings are then spun into compositions using […]

Curtis Crain

Curt Crain paints mostly in the impressionistic style – the influence of the European and American artists in the late 1840’s through the end of the century have had a great impact on the artist. Curt enjoys working thick and fast, and deals with a variety of different subjects. “I am inspired by the world […]

Janna Ugone

Inspired by natural forms, honest materials and genuine passion for truly handmade in USA lighting, Janna Ugone & Co. synchronize contemporary and modern industrial elements that explore life interests and tell a story. “From incorporating reclaimed materials to merging traditional artist processes with innovative technology, we continually strive to present fresh ideas”, says designer Janna. […]

Joseph Kaftan

Joseph Kaftan is a glass mosaic artist working in Seattle, WA and Door County, WI. He grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, and has always been drawn to where water meets land and waves meet sky. Searching for the iconic and sacred in the everyday, his work is fueled by the way glass […]

David Wright

I was born in Wisconsin under a backwater moon, amid the clutter of a writer’s notes river abused fly rods, tattered sports gear and small town drivel. I didn’t lack for distractions or abstractions. It was good. John Muir lived there in Marquette County too, not that we were friends but it does demonstrate similar […]

C.T. Whitehouse

The intent of my work with bronze is simply to express the nature and the beauty of the material itself. My choice to use simple forms invites a closer connection to the creative process and frees the viewer to see the qualities of bronze without concern for subject or involved detail. From my original designs […]

Tyson Weiss

At Fish in the Garden our mission is to create new, unique and creative home and garden accents. Our design focuses on the visual –cerebral sensations of ‘flow’ that is most clearly seen by the way schools of fish curve in response to elements throughout an underwater landscape. Using stainless steel and ceramics, we aim […]

Donna Weiser

Donna Weiser has been creating sculptures since 1976, products of which are on display at UCLA, a Los Angeles Public Library, retirement home gardens, a religious sanctuary and a condo development as well as in galleries and private collections throughout the country. She has participated for many years in various shows in the USA, and […]