Molly Krolczyk

Molly Krolczyk is a Wisconsin studio artist working with acrylic paint.  She has a BFA in Painting and Drawing.  She loves nature, a good cup of tea, children, bright colors, and the changing seasons.  Molly lives in Madison with her awesome husband, 3 kids, dog, and chickens.

Mary Mendla

My experience of the mystery, power and beauty of the wild places that I have been immersed in throughout my life feeds my desire to create. My paintings hint at scenes that are not quite tangible, drifting between the real and imagined. Images that slip away just as the mind begins to grasp hold of […]

Dan and Marybeth Kralovetz

Dan Kralovetz is a skilled craftsman who’s work is only limited by his imagination. His current collection includes various sizes and styles of bird houses made from reclaimed wood, scrap metal and recycled objects. While the materials he uses may be simple, his techniques and attention to detail are anything but. Dan’s love of old materials made […]