Glass artist Dale Eggert designs and produces distinctive, contemporary sculptures, furniture and accessories by sandblast carving and painting on half-inch or thicker plate glass panels.

Using basic geometric design elements, Dale creates a three-dimensional image on the single glass plane. He then takes this concept a step further by combining the glass with other materials, such as steel or Corian, to create an object of beauty and function.

Tutti Frutti

My “Tutti Frutti Goblets” are all one of a kind, spontaneous expressions of life’s pleasures. As in any group, no two are alike. But when they are together, they enhance each other’s presence, creating a unique and beautiful experience. They are inspired by the Italian glassblowing tradition, and the diverse and vibrant world of color around us.
My hand blown goblets are very functional. They are slightly heavier than the Venetian version, and they fit nicely in one’s hand. They hold the wine well, and set a beautiful table. I celebrate the communion I share with the people who drink from my glasses.
*please call the gallery at 920-868-3579 for availability and pricing.

Harvest Gold

Squat: 4″ x 5″
Small: 5″ x 4″
Medium: 6″ x 6″
Large: 8″ x 8″

Handmade. All sizes are approximate. Colors may vary. 

Please call the gallery at 920-868-3579 for availability and pricing.