Mary Ellen Sisulak

Mary Ellen Sisulak is an artist/craftsperson known for working in diverse materials through her long career in the arts. Her training was at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she earned a BFA in painting with high honors in 1974. The professors who had the most impact upon her were, Thomas Uttech and John Colt. Yearning […]

Charlie Hunter

“Charlie Hunter has the uncanny ability to seize upon the most ordinary things, and transform them with his brush into bewitching jewels of design and artistic perception.” — Richard Schmid I live in Bellows Falls, a resurgent mill town on the banks of the Connecticut River in Vermont. My studio is in an old paper mill. […]

Michael-Che Swisher

Michael-Che Swisher’s work is inspired by her love of animals. As a child, she dragged home every injured squirrel, bunny, and bird. As a adult, she became a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator and fostered many kittens. The artist often had baby opossums and squirrels as residents and at other times, a house full of playful kittens. With each painting, […]

Pamela Ruschman

I am inspired by color and nature.  Regardless of the season, God puts forth an amazing palette of colors, shapes and patterns.  Sometimes the landscape is a quiet hush of color, while at other times it seems to scream with excitement. My love of painting began when I was a child growing up on a […]