Anne E. Miotke

Anne E. Miotke

Working in a Realist mode, within the context of the still life genre, has provided a format for the exploration of formal issues, particularly color, composition, value contrast, and figure/ground relationships. The issue of beauty is addressed, particularly through the employment of saturated color and heightened value contrast.

Still lifes are a most deliberate art form, existing by means of a consciously selective process on the part of the artist. My particular interests have included concern for the visual and psychological effects of sharply directed light and subsequent shadow, the effects of unexpected juxtapositions, spatial issues with often strictly limited planes, and in the objects themselves as they exist in the surrounding space. Carefully observed simple objects possess qualities of expressiveness. An interest in the objects of daily life is a concern with life itself. Through interpretation, objects may become metamorphic or anthropomorphic, charged with sensuality, or engaged in dialogue.

Technically my paintings evolve out of a long process, more akin, in many ways, to the traditional structuring of an oil painting with its layers of transparent glaze, than to the largely erroneous perception of watercolor as a technique-driven, preliminary-study medium. Multiple layers of wash (not glazes) gradually establish hue and value contrast—the deepest values acquiring depth and broad ranging color implications through the careful building of twenty to forty layers of color. The entire painting evolves as a whole, with value, hue, and temperature contrast emerging simultaneously. Pattern is an underlying theme. Both Classicism and Realism are embrace for the formal qualities and sensual richness and history. Rather than seeking to escape the literal world, my work absorbs and celebrates it.

Work by Anne E. Miotke