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Anne Richeson Scanlon

Anne Richeson Scanlon

As a third generation artist, art has always been an integral part of my life. My mother & grandmothers were professional artists who inspired my design and taught me to use color fearlessly.

My work is most greatly influenced by Piet Mondrian and Paul Cezzanne; Mondrian for his grid style, Cezanne for his landscapes colors.

I design the glass in a grid fashion, building planes of opaque and sheer color to create depth in the glass. The kiln is an important design element for me, because it releases the glass from the grid and gives the piece movement.

The entire necklace is a contrast of textures.The rigidity of the fused glass contrasts the free flexibility of the stainless steel chain. Similar to daily life, it’s a balance between chaos & calmness.

Work by Anne Richeson Scanlon

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