Appel Crisp Farms Farm Fire Pit

Appel Crisp Farms Farm Fire Pit

Farm Fire Pit – Appel Crisp Farms is available in two sizes;  37″ and 41″ in diameter. Comes as a wood burning fire pit but can be converted to gas. Made in the USA with American made steel, features the various farm animals found on our hobby farm in Ohio. First came the ducklings as a Christmas gifts to the children, then came the baby chicks. They both quickly turned into ducks and chickens. It wasn’t long before the Dexter cow (Beauty) and the KuneKune pigs (Matt Dillon & Miss Kitty) arrived. We can’t forget our much loved rescued squirrel (Chuck Norris) who has since been released back to the wild but still comes to visit and have a yogurt treat on occasion. The windmill is still a dream for the future and is a memory of life back in Nebraska.

As with all of our fire pits the Appel Crisp Farm fire pit sphere also features a rust patina finish and a rain drain at the bottom. Unlike most big box store our fire pits have ¼” thick steel so you can be assured your unique functional art will last very probably into future generations.

Our custom fire pits are unique functional works of art designed by artist Melissa Crisp. Each fire pit is hand cut and has a numbered metal plate to assure that each fire pit is completely unique.

Other work by Melissa and Jason Crisp


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