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C. T. Whitehouse

C. T. Whitehouse

The intent of my work with bronze is simply to express the nature and the beauty of the material itself. My choice to use simple forms invites a closer connection to the creative process and frees the viewer to see the qualities of bronze without concern for subject or involved detail.

From my original designs in wax, I take each piece to a foundry where the dangerous, costly and time-consuming process of casting is done. Molds are made and the metal is poured at temperatures of over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. When broken out of the cooled mold, the raw form is “chased” or extensively ground and hand sanded in preparation for “patina”. The coloring of the bronze is a controlled tarnishing or oxidation of the metal and is achieved by applying various chemicals in combination with heat to create unique colors and effects. Often, it is the imperfection of the poured metal and the alchemy of the patina that I embrace as keys to the creative development. The halo, or polished rims emphasize the sacred aspect of the art form.

Tremendous energy is generated in the casting of the bronze, not too different from the energy that created this Earth and life upon it. This special process often has surprising and profound effects on the viewer. It is here, I hope, that when holding one of my pieces, you will look beyond the initial interest and feel the timeless beauty and power of bronze. My vessel forms are already full. They contain themselves and the space within. At the same time, they are ready to receive all possibilities of our existence.

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