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John A. Sayers

John A. Sayers

My love for painting every day continues as I advance in my long painting adventure. I have recently added to my life adventures by moving to the Southwest part of our country. I have loved every minute of my many years of living in Wisconsin. I will continue to paint Wisconsin imagery but will also do some work influenced by my current environment in the Southwest. I love the variety of images both locales have to offer. New adventures in life are fun and important to pursue. As I mentioned, I will continue to paint the many things I love about Wisconsin: flowers of that region, fruits, vegetables, and use the many items in my work that I have collected over the years. I may also begin incorporating similar sorts of items from my new place of living in the Southwest. Gardening is very different here in this area – but already we have started tomatoes, herbs, and planted a new orange tree which will take a bit of time before we can pick a few oranges but look forward to the time when we can do so.  I love exhibiting my oils at Edgewood Orchard and thank Nell and J.R. for continuing to give me the opportunity to do so and hopefully bring a bit of joy to visitors to the wonderful and magical place that Edgewood Orchard has always been and continues to be!  Thank you for viewing my paintings both online as photo images and in the gallery.

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