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Georgene Pomplun

Georgene Pomplun

Painting is a consuming passion for me. Although by education and profession I am a graphic designer, painting affords me a chance to explore the world around me in a totally personal way. Landscape is my natural affinity, and I am fortunate to live in a beautiful rural area of Mount Horeb, surrounded by stunning views at every turn. My scenes almost always have a human footprint, whether it is a road, a structure, or a planted field. I believe that man and nature can work in close harmony together, and my painting reflects that conviction. Painting the farms in our area is also my stake in preserving a way of life that is increasingly threatened. Often I will have painted a barn only to return in a year’s timeto find that it no longer exists. I also love the solid farmhouses that epitomize the tenets of form and function, and which fit so comfortably into their environment.

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