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Catherine Laing

Catherine Laing

“My goal is to work with precious metals and gems, designing wearabIe pieces of art. I love stones and the challenge presented by designing around one or more of them. I’m thrilled to see one of my pieces on someone and happy to know it is being worn and appreciated.”

Catherine Laing’s imagination and creativity are the guiding forces behind her fabricated jewelry. Of the thousands of pieces of jewelry she has created, no two are exactly alike. Using gold and silver, she fashions the wire and sheet by bending, pounding, sawing, soldering and polishing.

Now located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Catherine has seen her talent mature since beginning her career as a self employed jeweler in Garrison, IO. She graduated in 1975 from Cornell College with a degree in Art Metals. Strongly influenced by travel and study in Scandinavia and the American Southwest, Catherine combines the two contrasting styles into her original designs. The clean and simple Scandinavian lines reoccur throughout her work as well as the geometric patterns derived from nature, and exemplified by Native American artifacts. Her designs are also inspired by natural gemstones, pearls, and shells.

Catherine’s success and growing reputation are recognized through regional and national gallery representation. Unique stones, meticulous workmanship, and high artistic achievement characterize Catherine Laing’s one-of-a-kind creations.

Work by Catherine Laing

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