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Doug Forrest

Doug Forrest

“Modern-Folk Art is what I call my work. Folk in the simplicity of technique, modern in the ability to create a wide range of images. The beauty is in the flaws. What’s old is now new. The wood in my studio often dictates what the next subject will be. A seasoned knot within a board may stare at me like a stallion, while ruffled patterns in the wood grain beg to take flight as birds of wooden feather. There is history in each piece, beginning with the stories ingrained in the wood gathered from vintage sources. The reincarnation of the wood as a final artwork brings a personal satisfaction in my contributing in a small way to the preservation of the Americana culture.”

A passion for art, music and theater has taken him on a long and winding creative path as an artist, musician and actor.

Work by Doug Forrest

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