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Craig Blietz

Craig Blietz

My imagery is not about anywhere in particular, it is about everywhere in general as it relates to rural agriculture throughout the broader American landscape.

Whether viewing from a distance or working in the industry, the agrarian landscape forms the basis of our collective sense of Americana. My work stirs our associations with agrarian place through the use of sign, symbol, and graphic suggestion. Cattle, the leading emblem of agriculture, are given prominence in the work. Surrounding the cattle to provide support narrative are crop graphics, irrigation patterns, renderings of farm implements and architecture as well as agricultural land appropriation references. Abstracted forms, created through the use of tone, texture, and color, evoke memories and feelings that together attach meaning to place.

Sense of place authors tremendous personality. My work is motivated by my desire to share my sensations and observations of living and creating in rural America.

Craig Blietz – September 24, 2018

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