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Beehive Handmade

 Beehive Handmade

We’re a couple that was brought together by our love of the craft of metalsmithing, working with hand tools, and making meaningful things. This was back when we were in art school, back when the idea of trying to earn a living making our own artwork seemed practically impossible.

A few years later, while living in an old New England farmhouse we had an idea for a collection of metal kitchenware. We took our inspiration from the practical and beautiful vintage kitchenware that we found at flea markets and estate sales, and got to work designing a collection of cups, spoons, and utensils. When we took our first samples to the American Craft Council show that winter, we never could have imagined the incredible response that our collection received. Realizing that we couldn’t run a metalsmithing shop out of a farmhouse, we moved our studio to a 19th century mill in Fall River, MA and partnered with a generations old silversmithing company near Providence, RI to help with production. In 2014 we changed our name from Beehive Kitchenware to Beehive Handmade to reflect the expansion of our work into baby gifts, holiday ornaments, and jewelry. In 2015 we moved our studio to the historic harbor town of Bristol, RI.

In the years since 1999 when we first began producing our work, a few things have changed; we finally finished renovating our vintage cottage and we now work in a beautiful, light-filled studio, but the things that are important to us have not – making objects with meaning that are built to last. And finding time for long bike rides, and living and working close to the sparkling blue ocean.

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