Anne Richeson Scanlon

I am a third generation artist with a B.A in Art and Design. Beginning my art journey as an inquisitive child with a camera forever influenced the way I see my environment. I took that foundation for viewing the world into my subsequent work as a photo stylist — visualizing things upside down; their values, […]

Rick Stevens

My work may be seen as an open window to other realms. Its visual vocabulary has evolved from years of painting the landscape. I think of nature as a continuous flow of shapes and patterns of energy that has, or more precisely is, an intelligent force. There has been a resurgence in the field of […]

Lyla Nelson

My love for art began with a box of crayons and has evolved from there.  During my childhood summers in Puerto Rico, I learned to paint from a next-door neighbor in the yard.  Since then, I have used whatever means around me to make new things.  It is my nature to create.  Relocating to the […]

Jim Loewer

I’ve tried other career paths. I studied painting, taught art in a juvenile jail, worked on a fishing boat, and got a J.D., but I kept returning to glass. I love turning solid glass into a liquid and back again and experimenting with new ways of adding color, shaping glass, and pushing the boundaries of size […]