Over Memorial Day weekend, the sculpture ‘Windward’ was installed at Bay View Terrace Park in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

The sculpture was transported by truck and trailer to the site and lifted onto the base.

In spite of record breaking heat, as well as rain, both the installation and the dedication went smoothly.

With base, Windward stands 18-feet-tall. The flying crane has a seven-foot wing span.

The spires swoop and reference the action sails take when catching the wind. The oval base also hints of the shape of a boat.

Lauren Thuli

I love to paint!

And I find inspirations everywhere – birds perched on trees, people’s facial expressions, chickens and their quirky behavior, the delicate overlapping of flower pedals, seasonal colors – the list is infinite.  My goal, no matter the subject, is ultimately to bring “life” to an image.  After beginning each painting with some degree of intentional direction, at some point spontaneity and discovery become an integral part of the process as well.  And when the image starts to sing back to me –  at that moment, I put down my pastels, brushes or palette knives and smile.

I grew up in a creative (visual & literary) Greek family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  With a degree in nursing and owning/operating a manufacturing company of chiropractic adjusting tables, I moved to rural southwest Wisconsin in 1986 with my husband and children.  Having attended many intensive, lively workshops throughout the US, I’ve learned to work with a variety of art mediums while at the same time enjoying the invaluable camaraderie of other artists.  I’ve also taught drawing & painting to children, who continually inspire me with their fresh approach and eagerness to create, not bound by technique or familiarity.

Creating art is, quite simply, a true joy in my life.  And one that I love to share with others.

Larry Seiler

I can break my artistic journey down into specific identities, which are more honestly and truthfully known in the rearview mirror of time. Working backwards I relate it to either owning the gift or letting the gift own you.  Same with identities.  Why was it so important to be a “Somebody?” has become that essential introspection.  When such a need presses us in our youth, with the youthful ambitions to pursue and carry out, it can be a chapter filled with hard lessons learned and regrets.  Let’s just say I went from building a career in the wildlife art biz, the collectible print era of the 70s-early 90s…having a number of agents and reps…tripped up to experience some very difficult times, and not just for myself to experience, but also my wife and boys.  The arts can be a demanding mistress and distraction from the reality of things.

Necessity in the mid 90s led to my re-entering the physical classroom to teach art.  That entire chapter right up and until retirement a few years ago, rooted out much of “me” that had been led this way and that, to a more content and comfortable, peaceful “being.”  Not entirely gone, but the “identities” I chased for the most part unknowingly to prove myself a capable human “doing” have surrendered and yielded to know my value and worth is not in my “doings” but in the UnCaused First Cause Wholly Holy Other Unmoved Mover Absolute Giver Actualizer’s estimation.  Coming to terms my “being” having value is not requiring proofs in “doing”…and the short end of that, is my painting has been rewarded I believe with a greater freedom, a being set “free!”  With brush in hand, paint at the ready, a viable means to celebrate living, learning, and nurturing gratefulness, thankfulness in my heart.  I no longer calculate the risks of creative experimentation on what others will think or how they will respond, fearful “their” perception affects my “identity” and thus justification and validation.  I am a being at peace that happens to function as a father, husband, grandfather, and happens also to perform music and to paint.

By the default of having lived a long time I have a curricula vitae that details having won Wisconsin’s Wildlife Artist of the Year in 1984, competed successful for many years the last “wildlife” art acclaim the 1998 Wisconsin Inland Trout Stamp.  I jumped ship to paint plein air in the mid 90s realizing I was spending 10-12 hours a day painting indoors about what it was I loved being outdoors!  That hit me like a ton of bricks and could no longer ignore the irony and dichotomy.  I was an original staffer with then the young Wetcanvas online artist’s community and helped co-create and moderate eight forums.  That gave me broad opportunity to travel and teach plein air workshops, write a couple books on painting as well as several DVDs, and teach tailored courses for artists online with F&W Publications and Artist Network University.  My materials are available on North Light Shop books, as well as On Demand courses, and on my Gumroad page.

I am a signature member of IPAP (International Plein Air Painters) and a signature member of AIS (American Impressionist Society), paint in a number of events such as the Grand Marais Plein Air event…and enter exhibitions nationally.  Most recently winning Artist Choice in the 2018 AIS national exhibition.  This sums up my “doings” and things which I celebrate.  So very nice to make YOUR acquaintance!