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Branch Nest Thrush Leaves Kinetic Sculpture

by David Bacharach

I wanted to create a sculpture that reflected time working in my woodland garden. The idea of a bird, a nest with eggs and leaves on a 72” long stylized branch came quickly. I designed a bearing that allowed the branch to easily rotate 360 degrees, as well as tilt up and down. What I could not determine was how to artistically support the minimal stylization of branch, bird, nest and leaves in mid air. Working one evening installing deer fence, I drove my shovel in the ground and turned to pick up a fence post, when I turned back I saw the shovels’ upright handle. The solution to my sculptures’ support system stood before me. A concealed base, below ground level, with an garden implement secured to the base so that the shovel, pitch fork or rake appeared to be standing on it’s own.

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