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Brock Larson

Brock Larson

Brock Larson (b. 1991) was raised in northern Wisconsin, and was fortunate enough to be exposed to fine art since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Brock had the great experience of being able to observe his father Jeffrey T. Larson as well as his grandfather Marvin Espe paint from life. He was able to watch and work alongside them, receivinglessons and inspiration that fueled his passion and honed his skill at creating paintings and drawings.

Early in his life Brock was winning accolades and awards for his work. At the age of nine, Brock was the featured signature artist for Juvenile Diabetes Association Celebrity Art Auction Gala. In 2002 Brock, along with his father, was a signature artist at Artcetera He was awarded first place in the Reading Rainbow Young Illustrators and Writers contest, winning that distinction three years in a row. He participated in many of his father’s one man shows, often times selling almost all of his work being displayed. Recently Brock Placed second in the ARC ‘s (Art Renewal Center) annual student scholarship competition.

Brock has spent five years of time intensive training, studying the practice of oil painting and drawing from life at The Atelier Studio of Fine Art, Minneapolis, Mn. The Atelier system is drawn from The French Academic program of apprenticeship training. It’s roots go back to the teaching methods of the old masters dating back as early as the 1500’s. The program takes on a select few students each year and gives them hands on guidance, allowing them to grow as painters and draftsman through their rigorous 4 to 5 year program.

Brock continues to explore the visual world in paint. searching the infinite information we see everyday with the goal of capturing the beauty of life on canvas.

Work by Brock Larson

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