Anne Richeson Scanlon

I am a third generation artist with a B.A in Art and Design. Beginning my art journey as an inquisitive child with a camera forever influenced the way I see my environment. I took that foundation for viewing the world into my subsequent work as a photo stylist — visualizing things upside down; their values, […]

Rick Stevens

My work may be seen as an open window to other realms. Its visual vocabulary has evolved from years of painting the landscape. I think of nature as a continuous flow of shapes and patterns of energy that has, or more precisely is, an intelligent force. There has been a resurgence in the field of […]

Lyla Nelson

My love for art began with a box of crayons and has evolved from there.  During my childhood summers in Puerto Rico, I learned to paint from a next-door neighbor in the yard.  Since then, I have used whatever means around me to make new things.  It is my nature to create.  Relocating to the […]

Jim Loewer

I’ve tried other career paths. I studied painting, taught art in a juvenile jail, worked on a fishing boat, and got a J.D., but I kept returning to glass. I love turning solid glass into a liquid and back again and experimenting with new ways of adding color, shaping glass, and pushing the boundaries of size […]

Dani Barbe

Dani Barbe melds raw, unique stones with metal to create beautifully different jewelry and décor for the modern bohemian. Formerly a singer/songwriter, she was inspired to repurpose vintage pieces and stones during her vagabond tours across the country. With their unconventional pairing of materials and fashion-forward aesthetic, Dani Barbe’s designs were a huge hit. She […]

Nancy Briggs

Love of all things green and growing inspires the imagery for my earthenware pottery and sculpture.  My forms are thickly thrown on the wheel or formed with slabs of clay.  I draw organic imagery on the surface and then dimensionally carve the clay when leatherhard. Colored underglazes are applied to unfired clay in a painterly […]

Tim Cherry

Tim produces sculptures which not only attract the viewers eye but also the viewers hand. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1965, Tim grew up in Nelson, a town located among the rugged Canadian Rockies in southeastern British Columbia. This is where he developed a love of wildlife and the outdoors. Escaping into the wilds was […]

Sandra Dawson

My mixed media paintings, inspired by folk art, mythology, symbols, and nature, focus on the fine balance of extremes and everyday observations of life. My paintings contain images both figurative and botanical, while the surfaces retain lush colors and a rich weathered texture. I employ printmaking, collage, pattern, and text into the process, creating contemporary […]

Annie McArdle

Annie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently spends as much time as possible creating encaustic, resin and mixed media paintings in her studio. Annie has established a home-based design business over the past twelve years. Encaustic medium is a combination of molten […]

DK Palecek

“What intrigues me most is the symbolism woven in the human brain that allows one simple stroke to suggest an intricate object or a complicated scene.  I will never tire of the thrill of that phenomenon.” I am an oil painter based in Northeastern Wisconsin and I am an imposter.  We all have imposter syndrome […]