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Colleen Smith

Colleen Smith

Handcrafted Artisan Gemstone Jewelry

Drawing from her art degree from NC State, Colleen started creating jewelry in 2001 as a request from a friend to make a necklace for her wedding. Since then, she has been creating and selling her jewelry for fine art shows, weddings and boutiques all over the United States and other countries.

Colleen’s artwork is her way toward peacefulness and clarity to open her creative mind’s eye. She is constantly creating designs in her mind, yet when she begins to make her jewelry designs a reality, the stones and materials she uses will often show her a different path and the result is a very unique and special piece.

Colleen is continuously exploring new techniques using a wide variety of materials such as raw druzys and ethnic findings, and each new technique leads her to new and exciting designs. Colleen’s inspiration comes from the incredible beauty of nature; she tries to reflect this into her designs and to bring out the uniqueness of each stone and color palette she chooses for each piece, like the raw beauty of a druzy, or choosing a color palette inspired by a Spring garden, Autumn leaves or even the different blues of an ocean.

Favorite materials: raw gemstones, druzys, slices, Tibetan findings, waxed linen, freshwater pearls, natural fossils

Work by Colleen Smith

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