Curtis Archer

Curtis Archer

Growing up outdoors in rural Iowa, I have a deep appreciation for the nature and spirituality of art expression. Many of the shapes and movement that take place in nature can be found in my work. I seek to engage the viewer in understanding the convergence of elements in the piece. Joy, peace, beauty and a spiritual presence are conscious goals of my work. Movement and power source are always at issue. When welding, to have the ability to go from room temperature to 2400 degrees instantly while controlling the outcome is endlessly challenging The permanence of the media is part of the statement. Creating beautiful line and balance are the most difficult and important aspect of any project.

I believe strongly that three dimensional work, to be successful, must consider the negative space as well as the positive. The negative space that surrounds a sculpture is the transition point between the known and the unknown. It is the role of the artist to seek to interpret in order for a dialog to take place. My Christian faith is always at the center of that dialog and the foundation for all creative expression.

I received my degree from the University of Northern Iowa in Art Education. After teaching for a short time I was drawn into the broader field of Interior design. For many years I have worked with designers and stores to create beautiful and functional drapery hardware through my business Window Art. Working with metals has allowed me along the way to pursue larger abstract three dimensional metal sculpture.

Work by Curtis Archer