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David Valentine

David Valentine

An award winning architect, received his Bachelor of Architects degree from the University of Minnesota in 1975 and his National Council of Architectural Registration Boards certificate in 1977. He practiced architecture in Minnesota until moving to Wisconsin in 1980 where he established Valentine Architects. His work ranges from large industrial facilities, clinics and educational buildings to single family residences with clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and California. His residences have received numerous awards and been featured on HGTV’s “Water Front Living”. His approach to architecture blends a strong sense of geometry and spatial relationships with a commitment to satisfying the clients functional requirements. “Every building, like sculpture, has to be a whole spatial form that has interest and an esthetically pleasing relationship of negative and positive elements regardless of the angle it is viewed from. That the interior spaces have a functional relationship to each other, invite the user to enjoy them, and bring the beauty of outside spaces into them.”

Throughout his career he has continued his love of art producing pencil drawings, watercolors and sculptures. In 2005 a friend introduced him to sculpting with sheet steel which he found to be an excellent medium to create strong expressive forms. Most of his works are life size outdoor sculptures which are left exposed to the elements to develop a rich dark patina. Many forms have a theme connected to them and carry through his philosophy of “blending geometry with esthetically pleasing forms that maintain the three dimensional aspect of the sculpture. The curve, dimension and placement of each element is purposeful and adds to the aesthetics of the sculpture as a whole.”

Work by David Valentine

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