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Flora M. Langlois

Flora M. Lamglois

“My work was done primarily in Costa Rica. Some are factual, very representational of the different flora and fauna of the tropics. Others derived from the same tropical environment incorporate the fantasy-magic which is one of my trade-marks. Magic-Realism grows out of my subconscious, with no preliminary sketch. It blossoms as I go, just the spontaneousness working of my mind. It grows, it changes and it’s fun!

I use many layers of glazing to build the surface, as well as a technique called Frottage or Decalcomania. First used by Surrealists, it enhances the foliage in my work. In my paintings, the hummingbirds and the insects are factual, taken directly from my Costa Rican surroundings. The animals in the forest, the large leaves (fondly called poor man’s umbrella), the mountains and the orchids from my family’s property are all factual as well.

I am inspired and intrigued by the flora and fauna of my native homeland.

The animals in the forest are factual. The anteaters are two different types – the Giant is at Corcovado National Park in the Peninsula Osa, and Tamandua, the smaller one, almost looks like a panda. I also use Pizote, which is a cousin to our raccoon. In addition to birds and iguanas, I introduced the Quetzal, which is a rare treat to see with its long tail and brilliant plumage.

The tropical forest is difficult to portray with its myriads of plants so I tried to condense some of it for clarity of ideas and composition.

Some of the other works are playful and have a sense of humor while including some of the foliage, animals and landscape of the country. My technique is a layering of color and glazing.

I hope you enjoy these works that are a true and honest vision of the natural world that I love.”

Work by Flora M. Langlois

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