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George Shipperley

George Shipperley

As always, the origin of my work comes from imagination which I then use to create a good compositional landscape, still life, etc. It is not so much the subject, but how we paint it that really matters. Most anyone can draw or paint just about any subject with technical training, but an artist paints from their heart and soul and gives the viewer something they have not seen or felt before, because we interpret not render what we see or imagine. We get to the core, or as I prefer to say, the essence of our subject. I sometimes work for hours just to get the correct harmony of landscape, especially the transition of one area of color to the next in order to project just the right mood or feeling. We know we can never get as good as we aspire to be but we get better with each passing year because we simply cannot stop the insatiable appetite to not only create but to perfect our techniques.

Work by George Shipperley

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