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Ingrid Regula

Ingrid Regula

Ingrid Regula was born in Germany, and she lived and taught in the Milwaukee-area for many years before moving to Florida with her husband in 2001. She began exhibiting her enameled jewelry at Edgewood Orchard in 1985, and has also established a connection to Door County through her teaching at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek. She is known for the coloration she achieves with her pieces, applying many coats of different colors, with some pieces requiring up to 15 firings. She uses the cloisonne’ technique, in which silver wire partitions are formed and incorporated into the design, and the basse-taille technique, in which transparent enamel colors are applied over etched or textured copper or fine silver. This allows light to reflect from the metal through the different glass layers.

“In Florida, after 30 years in Wisconsin, my Workshop looks out at a flower garden and lake with water birds and an occasional alligator. As always, nature provides the spirit and nourishment for my ideas. When I step into my studio I feel excited to know, that there are still more enamels to create, in communicating the mystery and wonder through colored glass as adornment.”

Work by Ingrid Regula

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