Jesse Meyer

Jesse Meyer

I’m a Wisconsinite, grew up in Waupun and I am now living in Milwaukee. Shortly after attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design “MIAD” at the age of 22 I co-founded a design-build company called Flux Design. We focused on interior elements of all kinds and incorporated our own unique sculptural esthetic into all of our work. In that time we’ve received many accolades and have even been given our own TV show called “Made In Milwaukee” on the DIY network. At Flux, I taught myself how to work with many materials, but I have grown particularly fond of metal. I’m now looking to take what I have learned, push the envelope, and create my own personal art.

I now passionately create my own sculpture, and my favorite subject matter is “life”. Wether it’s from nature or humanity I love the inherent energy of that which is alive. I’m particularly fond of the human form and all that can be expressed through it’s depiction. To reflect these subjects I often work with traditional methods and materials, but I am now concentrating on developing my own unique aesthetics and techniques.

One of my sculptural pursuits are my Garden Fish. My vision is to create a form that captures the essence of a fish, making it less literal, more abstract, yet still unmistakable. The intention is then for someone to place them amongst their landscape, as they school and interact with the environment. The fish are fabricated from steel, stainless steel, and bronze. I start my process by plasma, cutting out two fish shapes, form them into the two halves, weld them together, grind it clean, give it a finish and/or patina, then finally a clear coat to help protect it from the elements. I’ve created them to bring a serial sense of nature to our personal space and environment.

Work by Jesse Meyer