Judi Ekholm

Judi Ekholm

Paradise Rediscovered

Judi Ekholm’s new exhibit for 2019 focuses on the discovery of random colorful patterns in nature.  Her new body of work was inspired by recent trips to Spain and California and as always the wilderness areas of Door County. 

“My oil and acrylic paintings for this exhibit are inspired from specific natural areas of the land. I do travel the countryside and back roads of Door County and beyond looking for those areas of the world that I can react to emotionally. Beyond this initial experience I go to my inner place to dream and project my dreams upon my canvas. The colors and the joyful combination of colors are the most important emotional elements for my paintings.”

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”   -Vincent Van Gogh

Ekholm resided in Door County, Wisconsin for thirty years and presently lives near Naples, Florida with her husband, Reed Saunders, and her sidekick Havanese, Molly.

Work by Judi Ekholm