Lauren Thuli

Lauren Thuli

I love to paint!

And I find inspirations everywhere – birds perched on trees, people’s facial expressions, chickens and their quirky behavior, the delicate overlapping of flower pedals, seasonal colors – the list is infinite.  My goal, no matter the subject, is ultimately to bring “life” to an image.  After beginning each painting with some degree of intentional direction, at some point spontaneity and discovery become an integral part of the process as well.  And when the image starts to sing back to me –  at that moment, I put down my pastels, brushes or palette knives and smile.

I grew up in a creative (visual & literary) Greek family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  With a degree in nursing and owning/operating a manufacturing company of chiropractic adjusting tables, I moved to rural southwest Wisconsin in 1986 with my husband and children.  Having attended many intensive, lively workshops throughout the US, I’ve learned to work with a variety of art mediums while at the same time enjoying the invaluable camaraderie of other artists.  I’ve also taught drawing & painting to children, who continually inspire me with their fresh approach and eagerness to create, not bound by technique or familiarity.

Creating art is, quite simply, a true joy in my life.  And one that I love to share with others.

Work by Lauren Thuli