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Linda Koenig

Linda Koenig

“I work exclusively in transparent watercolor on paper. My landscapes are formed by a slow layering of some 30-50 washes of brush applied pigment, which builds into a rich and luminous surface. Just enough detail is utilized to establish a sense of place. Always moving toward simplicity, I create an intentional balance between abstraction and representationalism. The core of the work is beauty.

Influential to my work are the woodblock designs of Hokusai, the open vistas of the Hudson River Artists and Luminaries, the glowing rectangles of Mark Rothko. Most importantly, my vision is informed by the daily study of the hills, waters and open skies that surround my rural southern Wisconsin home.”

Linda Koenig holds a BA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She maintains a studio at Westwing Studios, an artist collective in the Madison, Wisconsin metro area.

Work by Linda Koenig

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