Linda Koenig

Linda Koenig

Last September, my husband and I spent time on a lake near the Minnesota-Canadian border. Our small rental cabin had no phone coverage, so instead of notifications, we awoke each morning to rolling fog and the colors of dawn. My new pond lily paintings reflect these silent mornings at the lake.

Also this year, I am exhibiting paintings from the “Plum Tree” series introduced by Edgewood Orchard Galleries in 2018. These works are intimate in size, texture and sensibility, emitting a glow of spring in the valley.

Linda Koenig received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She lives in the hills of rural southwestern Wisconsin. Her work can be found in museums, juried exhibitions, private and corporate collections throughout the United States.She maintains a studio at Westwing Studios, an artist collective in the Madison, Wisconsin metro area.

Work by Linda Koenig