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Loeber and Look

Loeber and Look

Trained as a sculptor, Ken Loeber has exhibited his jewelry nationally and internationally for over 30 years. In February 2002, Ken survived a severe stroke which left him without the use of his right hand. Fortunately, Ken is left-handed and has many colleagues and friends who encouraged him to return to his studio and work. With new equipment and great determination, he continues to design and create 18K gold and sterling silver jewelry with his partner, fiber artist, Dona Look.

Dona Look learned to sew as a child and developed a passion for spinning and weaving while teaching in Australia. She has continued to sew and weave using primarily white birch bark since 1980. Since the quality of the bark is essential to her work, she searches for large, healthy trees that are soon to be logged. This process of gathering and preparing materials guides her in understanding the appropriate use of bark from each tree. Each basket is part of a continuous learning process using bark as fiber and fabric. Dona has also collaborated with Ken Loeber designing and making jewelry for over 30 years.

Work by Loeber and Look

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