Pamela Ruschman

Pamela Ruschman

I am inspired by color and nature.  Regardless of the season, God puts forth an amazing palette of colors, shapes and patterns.  Sometimes the landscape is a quiet hush of color, while at other times it seems to scream with excitement.

My love of painting began when I was a child growing up on a dairy farm in Southwest Wisconsin.  I would wander the hills and deep valleys and saw a painting at every turn because of the unique rhythm of this driftless land.  I have always been intrigued by color and the wonders of nature.

Painting “en plein air” which in French means “in the open air” brings a whole new level of visual and sensory experience to painting.  While outside painting, I might encounter beautiful moments of solitude observing animals or experiencing sheets of ice crack under my boots.

My primary subject matter is the landscape and livestock of Wisconsin.  Each seasons brings a new opportunity to paint the landscape.

Work by Pamela Ruschman