Richard A. Mueller

Richard A. Mueller

Since childhood, I have always loved to draw. From crayons to charcoal to pencil to pen and ink to colored pencil. My first colored pencil drawing was completed and sold in 1970, and I have been using the medium, nearly exclusively, ever since.

My pencils are color-fast and I work on super smooth 100% rag illustration board. My color range is anywhere between 12 and 20 colors, using a layering technique of up to 24 layers. This allows me to work light and delicate, or rich and dynamic, depending on the subject, yet always with great detail.

I am a charter member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, which lists serveral thousand members internationally. My work is found in public and private collections throughout the United States and in Europe, Asia and Australia. After drawing with colored pencils for 40 years, I feel like a pioneer!

Work by Richard A. Mueller