Steven Haas

Steven Haas

I became seriously interested in art in the tenth grade.  As a high school senior my class was assigned a mobile project with Alexander Calder as our reference.  I discovered what has become a lifelong passion.  In the mid ’80s I acquired the tools to make other tools that allowed me to develop a new concept in the genre of the mobile.  In 1991 I took the show on the road, setting a goal for myself of four years to see if the concept would be successful.  It has been an interesting ride, one that has found my work in over forty states, Switzerland, England, and Canada.  It has also allowed me to work at a scale that I could only dream of in 1991.

The sculptures I produce are an exploration of what can be fabricated with flat sheet materials.  Bending, forming and welding are parts of the process.  The forms I work with are contemporary in imagery and can be modest in scale or as large as required.  I enjoy the tools, both the simple and the complex as well as the process of fabrication.

The sculptures are closed forms of aluminum, bronze, stainless steel or a combination of these materials.  This construction style gives the appearance of great mass but as the pieces are hollow, they are generally manageable in weight.  The materials are chosen for their inherent beauty and durability.  Little or no maintenance is required of them and they are suitable for in or out of doors.

Work by Steven Haas