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Collaborative Works by Tilton + Oeler

Collaborative Works by Tilton + Oeler

Tilton + Oeler
Like adding voice and lyric to instrumental composition, our collaborative works sound distinct, but are familar.  By combining Paula’s focus on shape, contrast and movement with Dave’s ambient–inspired compositional synthesis, we produce Tilton + Oeler works that meld representational forms with an abstract painterly aesthetic.

Dave Tilton
My landscapes suggest memories and impressions unencumbered by form and detail and offer views on a world filled with suggestion, mood, and sumptuous beauty.  Recently I have explored the concept of adding voice and lyric to my compositions through two diverse paths — portrait and figurative works and collaborative works with my wife, Paula Oeler.

Paula Oeler
Shape, texture, color and movement (real or implied) capture my attention. I often focus on the contrasts created at intersections — especially those of land, water, and sky. My representational forms add a measure of realism to collaborative pieces I create with my husband, Dave Tilton.

Work by Collaborative Works by Tilton + Oeler

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