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Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider

“When painting landscapes, I strive to accomplish a marriage of apparent contradictions: of abstract imagery within a realistic framework, of arbitrary shapes and the single-source light that imbues realistic depth, and of imposed, formalist structure on random, “messy” nature. The desired effect is for a state of flux to exist in a painting; flat plane versus three-dimensional depth. The depiction of water in various states of movement and light adds nicely to this effect, so it continues to figure prominently in my work.

Most of my subject matter consists of small, local waterways and their surrounding topographies. I am drawn to these slight openings in dense forests, where light reveals a myriad of shapes and colors with the many elements of nature vividly exposed. The seasonal and conditional changes of these environs provide an endless and fascinating well of information and inspiration. For some time now, the streams and bluffs of the Baraboo Range have been a favorite stomping ground. There is both a sense of drama and intimacy to this area that I find appealing.

My strongest wish is to convey at least a fraction of the beauty and complexity in a natural scene, to underscore the truly sublime in what may first appear to be a common, anonymous image.”

Work by Ken Schneider

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