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Robert Dahlke

Robert Dahlke

“Bring a touch of nature into your home.”

This is the theme that inspires Bob Dahlke. His artwork consists primarily of songbirds, sculpted from tupelo or basswood set in a natural environment, as close as possible to nature itself. The goal is to replicate the posture, color and environment of songbirds as we see them in nature and do this with an artistic touch.

Achievement in regional and national art and carving competition has spurred Bob on to capture the very essence of the bird as it appears in nature. His goal is to have an observer comment that “this bird looks alive”.

Sculpting a bird from a block of wood to exact dimension and painting it to replicate that real bird are both fun and important. It is the “setting” of the bird(s) in a way that is natural and yet artistic that is most exciting for Bob. To be able to view the piece from several angles and to create it to fit in a special place in the home is the real challenge.

Bob was introduced to “bird carving” or “wood sculpting” as he prefers to call it in 1991. His proudest accomplishment is having been invited to show his artwork for over 10 years at Edgewood Orchard Galleries. Bob says, “It has truly been a privilege and an honor to be part of one of the finest art galleries in the Midwest.” He maintains a small studio at his home and attends one show each year.

Bob Dahlke retired from from the University of Wisconsin Stout in 1993. Prior to that he taught school in New Lisbon, WI. His “bird carving/art work” takes up considerable time but it takes a back seat to entertaining his three grandchildren and working and teaching at his church. Bob lives with his wife Barb in Menomonie, WI.

Work by Robert Dahlke

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