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Valerie Dunning Edwards

Valerie Dunning Edwards’ sculptures and paintings come to life using recycled paper, paint, metal, and wood. It has taken 2.5 years to establish a sustainable one of a kind process. 
"My art has come full circle, it's so cool to come up with a new creative process and new idea! It is strong and speaks from my heart." 
Each sculpture is a one of a kind creation; bending, cutting and layering up to 10+ layers of wet and dry paper. The color palette is collected from the pages of the Wall Street Journal, and occasionally small amounts of paint are applied for detail. With no structure inside; no armature, the paper begins to take shape and a sense of being and personality emerge. The only support is in the legs, which are anchored to the wooden base. Pieces of metal, wire and wood are then introduced as finishing touches to each sculpture. 
Valerie's paintings are created using various mediums including acrylic, watercolor, colored pencils, and ink and recycled paper, and always inspired by nature. 
" My art is eclectic just like my life ... I am a mom, a wife and have always been an Artist. I have had a love of art since I was a child from painting to pottery, illustration and sculpture. We lived on a farm where I had horses a kiln and an easel. My Dad taught me about wildlife, my Mom taught me to do what I love." 
From a young age, Columbus born, Valerie Dunning Edwards felt an innate desire to create art. Although she attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, she is predominantly self taught. Valerie's professional career has spanned fine art to commercial and illustration in both painting and sculpture. Her works are included in collections across Canada and the United States.
She is married to the love of her life John Fenchak, and enjoys living and working in her studio on their "Blue Socks Ranch" in Marysville, Ohio.

Work by Valerie Dunning Edwards



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