Bill Reid

Bill Reid

“Bill Reid is to sculpture what Dr. Seuss is to children’s books.”
– Stacey Williams-Ng for Milwaukee Home & Fine Living Magazine

Recognized around the world as one of the leading fabulists in a fabulousy world, Bill (Bee) Reid has been making painted steel extravagonzo sculptures for over thirty years.

“I am a pungent in the Anvillage of Rayscene.
A Witinerant wandering the oboreal forest of the Wisconsin Territories- OBO.
A beedoin purveyor of yummee beelusions in a dessert of broken dreams.
Using steel, a torch, and a few hand tools, shepherding the sparks on a grand sofaree.
Making things close up seem far out, weigh out, odd, even, know waiting.
Like a detective, I turn on the heat until the steel talks.
Over the years becoming a master at filling black holes in the twisted Crowmowzone.
Always anticipating the unexpected looniverse.
The lune is doomed.
Soon to go the way of the dodo.
Just ask any flightless astronaught.
Grounded after years of bouncing up and down.
Harassing the heavenly bodies and
in the end realizing it all added up to nothing.
While the Abominabill Mowman,
Spotted in a rare sighting at the Peskimow Picnic
sponsored by the local POW (prisoner of warming) camp
blunderwheres off towards the
Tower of Babblelawn
to tell tall tails
of Mowbee Dick
the great Green Wail.”


Work by Bill Reid