An Artist’s Food for Joy

Celebrating Edgewood Orchard's 50th Anniversary

A Collection of Recipes, Memories, and Art

  • The cookbook contains over 250 favorite recipes contributed by gallery artists, family members and friends. There are also hundreds images of food-related artwork and personal photos related to the the recipes and Edgewood Orchard’s 50 year history. Thanks to very generous donations that are being collected to pay for the paper, printing and binding costs, the cookbook’s full purchase price of $25.00 will be donated to programs benefitting children. If you would like more information about contributing the the printing cost, please contact gallery owners Nell and J.R. Jarosh.
  • This is the third benefit cookbook that Edgewood Orchard Galleries has created. The first two cookbooks, An Artist’s Food For Thought in 2004 and An Artist’s Food for the Soul in 2009, have both sold out and in the process have raised over $220,000 that has been donated to charitable programs fighting hunger and helping children.

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An Artist's Food for Joy is now available at Edgewood Orchard Galleries.

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An Artist's Food for Joy

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