Jeanne Svien Aurelius

Jeanne Svien Aurelius

I have been experimenting with clay, glazes, shapes, spouts, handles, rims, and decorations for over 35 years. I am fascinated with the process and possibilities.

My father and mother encouraged our family to create art and music. I have always loved art. Nature and the world around me gives me inspiration and stimulation. I love to travel to foreign countries to study and appreciate other cultures and it’s people.

The encouragement of my parents instilled my own passion for art. They allowed me to follow my dreams and encouraged me to become an art teacher, potter, and gallery owner. Their support allowed me to become an independent crafts woman.

After receiving my BS from Luther College in Art Education in Decorah, Iowa, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Marguerite Wildenhain in Gueneville, California. She is one of the most recognized female master potters in Europe and the United States. Ms. Wildenhain was an author and outstanding teacher. She lived her life according to strong ideals, making her a model of and for humanitarianism. She was an invaluable mentor and strongly influenced my quest for creating beautiful pieces.

My husband and I established Clay Bay Pottery in 1976. Here we show our work and other artists from around the country. I approach my work with the wisdom and enthusiasm of a lifelong learner and explorer. My unique style reflects the environment of Door County. Landscapes, water scenes, floral motifs, woodland scenes, birds, and sky often adorn my work.

Since the early 80s I have been teaching children and adults clay techniques at the Peninsula Art School, The Clearing and various schools across Wisconsin. I, with my husband, have continued to be Artists-in Residence at private and public schools throughout the state, creating large ceramic tile murals with students, teachers and adult volunteers. I strive to continue to inspire and rediscover the beauty and spontaneity of unbridled creativity.

Work by Jeanne Svien Aurelius