John A. Sayers

John A. Sayers

I love to paint and do so every day of the year. My paintings are derived from my everyday life – from the tulips I see in the spring, to the garden vegetables used in the late fall. As well, everyday objects I have collected throughout the years and use often appear in my work: old cookbooks, kitchen utensils, cloths, vases, chairs, and a large variety of other objects. I also love to often incorporate landscapes, either in a view of a partial landscape out of an open window or by having a still life arrangement set up outdoors.

I have evolved in the technical realm of my work from working on an all-white canvas very early in my painting when in college to using a toned red canvas on which I would paint and have now gone full circle to doing work on a white canvas. It was about a year ago I had simply not quite enough red paint to cover the white canvas of a larger painting with the red, so decided to do the oil on the white canvas. I enjoyed doing it, the result, and have since done my work on white canvas or panel surfaces.

Thank you for viewing my paintings, both online as photographs and in the gallery as paintings.

Work by John A. Sayers