Laurie Thal and Daniel Altwies

Laurie Thal and Daniel Altwies

Laurie Thal

Glass is the most seductive and alluring material.  At 17, I intended to embark on a career as a ceramic artist, then I tried glass…. The spontaneity, the heat, the passion and focus of blowing glass drew me to it immediately.  It demands quick work, and that suits my temperament.  I thrive on the dance of precise movements between the glass furnace, at 2400 F, the workbench and the marver table.  Heat and timing are critical, movements efficient, all requiring total concentration.

Blowing glass reflects how I live my life, with passion and gusto. I live in a stunningly beautiful environment, so my work is inherently beautiful. When people tell me that owning my work, having it in their homes, passing it every day, using it, gives them joy, I’m fulfilled.  If I can add to the beauty of their lives, then I have achieved my goal.

For forty-five years I have loved working with molten glass, fusing colorful sheets of  glass and casting liquid glass. Everyday brings a new creative challenge, a new avenue of expression, a new opportunity to bring beauty and joy into the lives of others.

Daniel Altwies

I’ve been involved in art design my entire adult life.  For many of those years I worked in Lithography creating album covers, magazine design and corporate graphic art.  Glass has been a focus in my life for many years starting with the design and creation of leaded glass windows.  More recently I have become passionate about Fused Glass.  This combines my skills from leaded glass design to create many challenging and beautiful architectural commissions and glass sculptures.

Sandblasting glass vessels is the culmination of a lifetime of skills from drawing, cutting and carefully sandblasting glass.  I love working with the rich colors of glass, revealed as I blast through several layers.  Each piece is unique and presents a new challenge to combine my skills of drawing, now more demanding on a three dimensional surface.  This requires incredible focus to execute the art of sandblasting and carving the edge of delicate glass vessels.  I am honored to work with Laurie in her studio and look forward to the wonderful work we will create in the future.

Work by Laurie Thal and Daniel Altwies